Orff Schulwerk, or simply the Orff approach, was conceived by Carl Orff and Gunild Keetman as a developmental approach to providing music education to students. While violin instruction provides a focused vehicle for music development, Orff combines music, movement, drama, and speech into lessons that are similar to a child‘s world of play.

Learn more about Orff through the American Orff-Schulwerk Association, or you can contact our Artist-in-Residence, Shera Sinell.


Intermediate students (fourth and fifth grades) are also invited to participate in the Sojourner Marimba Program, Manhanga. This is a voluntary, after-school activity. Practice is after school, one day a week, and parents are responsible for picking up their student. There is an annual fee associated, which covers staffing, instruction, facility fees, insurance and a marimba t-shirt (scholarships are available).

To join Manhanga, your family will need to review and sign (parent and student) a contract that outlines participation expectations, as well as complete and return a permission form.