Pods are mixed-age groups that encourage students to explore a common interest in great depth. They are similar to elective classes for students, a feature more common at the secondary level. They are a true highlight for Sojourner students, as they are allowed to select the topic they would like to explore! Subject examples include: guitar, gardening, soccer, jewelry making, origami, chess, sewing and more.

For the 2017–2018 school year, Pods will be held on Tuesday and Thursdays from 8:45am – 9:25am. There are three Pod sessions per school year, and each offers at least 20 Pods for students to select from. Pods are meant to be taught in smaller groups and to cover a variety of intelligences. Sojourner staff members each teach a Pod, and at least nine Pods each session are taught by parent volunteers.


Learn More About Pods

Many of us find ourselves in accidental teaching positions more often than we realize … at work, at home or within the community. But when it comes to the idea of teaching a Pod and leading a group of students, we aren’t sure it’s something we’ll be good at. The good news is, it’s easier than you think! And we have some information that will help:

  • Read All About Pods for tips on teaching a pod, specifics on how to describe your pod and step-by-step details on how to get started teaching a pod.
  • Curious about what a pod teaching plan entails? Check out Three Weeks of Pods to review a timeline of what four different pods might accomplish in their first three weeks.

Looking for ideas on Pod topics? Ready to share your talents with the incredible students at Sojourner? Please contact Transitional Teacher Mo Wear for more information.