Site Council

In collaboration with the principal, as a District school, Sojourner operates with a Site Council that is structured and which functions according to Oregon law. School Site Council were mandated in 1991 by the Oregon Legislature with the passage of the “Oregon Educational Act for the 21st Century” (HB2991), which states that: There shall be established at each school a 21st Century Schools Council. The 21st Century Schools Council, however, shall not interfere with the duties, responsibilities, and rights of duly elected school district boards.


Responsibilities of the Site Council

To the extent practical and within the policies, vision and goals of the school district, school Site Councils include:

  • The development of plans to improve the professional growth of the staff;
  • The dispensing of Professional Growth Funds from each buildings allocation;
  • The improvement of the school’s instructional program;
  • The development and coordination of plans for the implementation of programs under the Oregon Educational Act for the 21st Century at the school site;
  • The administration of grants-in-aid for the professional development of teachers and classified district employees; and
  • The development of annual School Improvement Plans.

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