Frequently Asked Fundraising Questions

Click the questions below to see the answers to some frequently asked questions about fundraising at our school. If you have a question you’d like answered, send an email.

Can my student participate in fundraising for the school?

It has always been the Sojourner philosophy that fundraising NOT fall on the shoulders of our students. The PTA does hold a Jog-A-Thon each year for fundraising so that students can support their school in a healthy, fun way.

Am I required to donate?

Because we are a public magnet school, we cannot require families to contribute financially. However, if everyone contributes, it helps distribute the financial burden equally, sustain the program and secure Sojourner a bright future.

How much money does the Foundation need to raise?

Each year, the Sojourner Education Foundation will meet with the North Clackamas School District to assess the funding needs of Sojourner. When the per-student contribution has been determined, the community will be informed. Currently, the per-student contribution is $380.

What if I am financially unable to contribute?

The PTA and Foundation are sensitive to the diverse financial backgrounds of our community. We make every effort to give you early knowledge of our fundraising needs and provide you with the options and tools that work best for your family. Selling raffle tickets and volunteering with our fundraising team are great ways to contribute and always appreciated.

Do I need to participate in both PTA and SEF fundraising?

The objective of The Sojourner Education Foundation (SEF) is to provide you with options so that you can decide what works for your family. The important distinction is that only SEF fundraising, such as the Raffle, Auction, Program Appeal, Amazon Smiles, etc. will support the Spanish, Violin, Orff, and Marimba programs. The money the PTA raises from events such as the Jog-A-Thon and Dine-Out Nights cannot be used for these programs, but support our school in other important ways. We encourage you to participate in fundraising for both organizations, as frequently as you can, in order to reach our annual fundraising goals and support Sojourner.

What if I have a question about making a donation to the auction?

Sojourner community members donate some of our best-selling auction packages. If you are wondering whether something you can offer would make a good addition, please send an email to our auction team.

Where can I get a program contribution card, donation form or raffle order form?

Printable versions of all of our fundraising forms can be found here. You can also request program contribution cards or printed copies of any form by sending an email. We are happy to provide you with any tools that we can to make your fundraising successful! And don’t forget, you can also buy raffle tickets, purchase your auction admission or make a donation right here on our website.

Do I need to attend the Auction to win the Raffle?

No, your presence is not required to win, but we encourage everyone to attend our Annual Auction and share in the exciting live drawing. This also means your coworkers, neighbors, family and friends can purchase raffle tickets and WIN without attending the auction!

Upcoming Events

5:30 pm PTA Bingo Game Night @ Sojourner School
PTA Bingo Game Night @ Sojourner School
Jan 25 @ 5:30 pm – 7:00 pm
Join the Sojourner PTA for a fun and FREE family night of Bingo on Thursday, January 25th from 5:30 – 7pm at Sojourner School. There will be prizes for the winners and raffle drawings between[...]
5:00 pm Dine-Out Night @ Ram Restaurant & Brewery
Dine-Out Night @ Ram Restaurant & Brewery
Feb 6 @ 5:00 pm – 9:00 pm
Back by popular demand … Join us for delicious food and drinks while we raise money for the Sojourner PTA during Dine-Out Night at Ram Restaurant & Brewery (Clackamas Town Center, 9073 SE Sunnyside Rd,[...]