About Fundraising at Sojourner

Some of the most treasured and unique learning experiences at Sojourner are sustainable because the Sojourner Community raises funds to support them each year. Your child’s education will be enriched with Violin, Spanish, Orff, Flow and more.

The Sojourner Education Foundation and Sojourner PTA work closely together to fulfill different financial needs of our school. Because strict rules prohibit the PTA from paying teacher salaries, that responsibility falls to the Foundation. The Foundation can also carry funds over from year to year to plan for the long-term, whereas the PTA’s budget is set at the beginning of the year and allows for very little variation. We embrace the differences and put them to the best use for our school.

Here’s an overview of how fundraising is split between SEF and the PTA:



Sojourner Education Foundation

Sojourner PTA

What we fund Staff Stuff
Purpose Funding of special programs that are unique to our school: ORFF, Flow, Spanish and Violin. SEF works to fill the gap between funds provided for staffing by our district and the funds needed to maintain the educational goals of our program. Funding of special teacher projects and community events. In the past it has included classroom books, courtyard seating, Enrichment nights, field day, the Back to School picnic and more.
Annual fundraising goal $60,000 – $80,000 based on our year-to-year staffing needs $5,000 – $10,000
How money is raised Annual Auction
Program Appeal
Employer Matching Gifts
Community Sponsorships
Fred Meyer Rewards
Dine Out Nights
Scrip Program
Box Tops